Dedicated MySQL Server Hosting

  • If you’re looking for MySQL hosting, then you’ve come to the right place. By hosting your MySQL server with GigeNET, you can get the resources you need for all your database requirements. GigeNET offers a range of hosting options with the flexibility to fit your environment and your budget without skimping on performance. Whether you are looking to have your database hosted on a dedicated server or virtualized on a VPS, GigeNET has options from big to small.

    Take a look at some of the benefits your organization could enjoy by choosing to host your MySQL database with GigeNET.

  • Guaranteed Resources

    When you choose a MySQL hosting solution, you want to know that you have guaranteed resources. Server downtime damages your relationship with customers and makes life difficult for employees. When you choose GigeNET, you get guaranteed services. We stand behind a 100 percent service level agreement, meaning that you’ll have access to dedicated MySQL resources whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Full Root Access

    Our MySQL hosting services give you the power to manage your dedicated MySQL resources from any location. With full root access, you can install applications, operating systems and apply updates.

  • Excellent Security

    MySQL hosting isn’t much use without security. Firms need services which protect their data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. With MySQL servers, not only do you get dedicated MySQL resources, but you also get great security and protection features. You’ll be protected against DDoS attacks and get monitoring that can intervene in situations where your security may be compromised.

  • High Server Uptime

    If you use MySQL servers, you need a high uptime. You want your colleagues to be able to access data resources whenever they need to so that your company can continue to make strategically-relevant decisions.

    At GigeNET, we stand behind our 100 percent uptime guarantee for all dedicated MySQL servers. By choosing us, you’ll always be able to get access to the resources you need. We stand behind this promise by including it in our SLA.

  • Restore And Backup

    Your data is valuable. That’s why GigeNET offers MySQL hosting customers industry-leading backup and restore technology; all performed automatically on your behalf in the background. Thanks to dedicated MySQL, you no longer need an in-house backup strategy for your data: it’s all done on your behalf in the cloud.

    With backup and restore, you can take the pressure off your IT staff and finally achieve peace of mind. Even if your data is stolen or lost due to corruption, a simple system restore can bring it all back, leading to minimal disruption of your operations. The data contained on MySQL servers needs protecting, and this is something you can get when you choose GigeNET.

  • Managed Services

    Regardless of the platform you chose for hosting your MySQL server, you never need to worry about having to manage your server if you add one of the management plans available from GigeNET.  Let our experienced staff manage your server for you, and know that your data is in capable hands.