Dedicated MySQL Server Hosting

  • If you’re looking for expert MySQL servers support, then you’ve come to the right place. With GigeNET’s MySQL hosting, you can get the server space you need for all your database requirements backed by our unmatched knowledge, experience, and resources. Dedicated MySQL improves efficiency, helping you optimize the speed and reliability of your databases and lower the overall costs to your organization.

    By choosing MySQL hosting from GigeNET, here’s what you can expect:

  • Guaranteed Resources

    When finding the right MySQL hosting solution for your business, guaranteed resources are crucial. Server downtime can damage your customer relationships and make simple tasks much more difficult. When you choose GigeNET, you get guaranteed services with a 100 percent service level agreement, meaning that you’ll have access to dedicated MySQL resources whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Full Root Access

    Our MySQL services give you the power to manage your dedicated MySQL resources from any location. With full root access, you can install applications, operating systems and apply updates no matter where you’re employees are working, all while isolated and protected from other users.

  • Excellent Security

    When it comes to your MySQL hosting, you need the promise of enhanced security through services that protect your data from the newest strategies of cyber criminals. With GigeNET’s MySQL servers, not only do you get dedicated MySQL resources, but you also get advanced security and protection features monitored by our expert analysts. You’ll be protected against DDoS attacks and get supervision that enables us to intervene before a potential threat can occur.

  • High Server Uptime

    High uptime is a must when using MySQL servers. In order for your company can continue to make strategically-relevant decisions, your colleagues have to be able to access data resources whenever it’s necessary.

    At GigeNET, we stand behind our 100 percent uptime guarantee for all dedicated MySQL servers by making this promise part our SLA. By choosing us, you’ll always be able to get access to the cloud resources your business needs so you can stay efficient and timely when it matters most.

  • Restore And Backup

    Your data is valuable, which is why GigeNET offers our customers MySQL hosting with industry-leading backup and restore technology; all performed automatically in the background. Thanks to dedicated MySQL, you no longer need an in-house backup strategy for your data. It’s all done on your behalf in the cloud.

    With backup and restore, you can take the pressure off your IT staff and finally achieve peace of mind. Even if your data is stolen or lost due to corruption, a simple system restore can bring it all back, leading to minimal disruption to your operations. The protection of the data contained on your MySQL servers is vital, which is why GigNET’s team of certified security experts will work around the clock to detect and prevent all potential threats for you.

  • Choose Between Multiple OS, Including Linux

    When using MySQL servers, you want them to be compatible with whatever operating system your organization happens to use, including Linux. You can get dedicated MySQL servers that are compatible with a range of operating systems, making MySQL hosting simple and easy for your business needs.

    And with dedicated server hosting, you can get lightning fast speeds, excellent data protection, and cPanel control. Start your MySQL journey today with an exceptional service from GigeNET.