Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting

Secure VPS Server Hosting

Why has VPS hosting become so popular? The answer is simple: it makes hosting your website easier and more affordable with increased speed and enhanced performance.

GigeNET’s VPS hosting creates a virtual space on a third-party server  that hosts your website. It’s like having access and full control over your own personal server, but it’s monitored by our expert VPS hosting team around the clock. And you enjoy lower costs because you share the server with other paying companies, renting only the space you need for your operations in an isolated microsystem.

VPS servers are technically both dedicated virtual servers  and shared hosting- basically a halfway point. These servers mimic dedicated hosting by being self contained in its own configuration, but within a shared hosting environment. With VPS servers, you get the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting, plus the affordability GigeNET offers. What’s not to love?

The Benefits Of VPS Hosting

Dedicated Virtual Servers

The main benefit of dedicated virtual servers  is the fact that you get computing resources designed explicitly to serve your company. You don’t have to worry that other users on VPS servers will take resources away from you because that’s not how it works. Secure VPS servers management software carefully maintains server resources at all times, ensuring that you always have the RAM and processor space that you pay for.

Control Over Your Section Of The VPS

VPS hosting is extremely clever. So even though you share the server with other companies, onboard software allows you to restart your  virtual server for updates, whenever and however often you need. In short, you have full control over your secure VPS servers, just as you would a regular terminal in your main office.

Personalization Options

Our dedicated virtual servers provide you with the ability to customize the software on your system however you’d like to meet the needs of your specific workloads and operations. You can install your own instances of server applications, like MySQL, PHP, and Apache. With VPS hosting, you can update and change your system whenever you need to, without having to worry about coordinating with other users.


Our secure VPS servers offer top-of-the-line security options, ensuring your organization’s data is protected. Organizations like yours now depend on your data more than ever before. You need secure VPS servers that not only provide high-level security from hackers but can also restore your data in case of a loss. VPS hosting is one of the best tools for protecting your crucial data, removing it from the confines of traditional IT arrangements and isolating it within the cloud. Data can be dispersed among many servers and backed up automatically, according to your needs.

Excellent Privacy

Since GigeNET’s dedicated virtual servers allow you to install your own OS, nobody else on the server can see what you’re doing within the confines of the operating system. You can install new programs, delete old ones, manage updates, and send data, all without anyone having access to your files. It is an excellent solution to help you keep your trade secrets and customers’ personally identifiable information completely private.

Management Options

Managed VPS servers offer an added level of functionality with the right strategy to help you get the most value from your database. With managed dedicated virtual servers, professionals take care of the running of the server, including updating licenses, improving performance and maintaining backup. Managed services take the strain off your IT resources, allowing them to focus on your organization’s strategic objectives.