Xeon-D Server Pre-Sale

The Xeon-D was created to support dense, rugged hosting environments, and serious workloads. Augmented by a suite of enterprise grade hardware, our latest addition to the GigeNET dedicated server family provides a combination that is tough to beat by any host.

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Outperforms other CPUs that are 4x the cost
- CPU Benchmark

Double the Ram to 128 GB

If you need Serious power, double the RAM for less than $60.

16 Logical Cores, 2.7 GHz

Don’t let the GHz fool you, this CPU leaves E3s and E5s in the dust.

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Up to 2 TB High Endurance SSD

We bundle our Xeon-D’s with SSDs that are built to last

Serious Performance

The smart choice: high-performance, quality engineering, and price

Make it Hassel Free

First month of Enterprise Managed 360 is free, sign up for a year contract and get a discount on a 11 more months of worry-free hosting

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