Colocation Data Center

What is colocation?

Colocation is the practice of renting out space to store servers and hardware in a third party data center, off premise of your company. Most companies don’t have the capacity or capital to store servers in an environment that provides the network, heating, cooling, or power redundancy required. While businesses still maintain the upkeep of their servers, moving some or all servers offsite to a secure colocation facility significantly reduces operating costs and ensures data is in a secure and compliant environment.

Facility Features

  • 17,000 Sq. Ft. private facility
  • 24 x 7 x 365 On-Site Engineers
  • VESDA Smoke Detection & Pre-Action Dry Pipe Suppression System
  • Redundant Liebert HVAC’s
  • Mitisubishi UPS Systems + Katolight Genset
  • IP Video Surveillance, Proximity Readers, Private Locking Dell Cabinets
  • 150 Watts PSF Power Density

Network Features

  • 200Gb/s backbone via our own private fiber optic network connecting 3 separate locations and 2 major backbone POPs.
  • 6 top tier bandwidth providers on route-optimized network
  • Only Juniper & Cisco gear used for routing & switching operations
  • 100% Uptime SLA

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Ready for colocation?

Pricing starting as low as

    • check 1U – 2U Secure rack space
    • check 10 Mbps fully burstable
    • check /29 – 8 IP Allocation
    • check 1 remote reboot power port

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Pricing starting as low as

    • check 1U – 2U Secure rack space
    • check 20 Mbps fully burstable
    • check /29 – 8 IP Allocation
    • check 1 remote reboot power port

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Pricing starting as low as

    • check 1U – 2U Secure rack space
    • check 100 Mbps fully burstable
    • check /29 – 8 IP Allocation
    • check 1 remote reboot power port

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Full Cabinet/Rack

Pricing starting as low as

    • check 42U Rack
    • check 500Mb/s burstable to Gig (10 Gbe circuits available)
    • check /29 – 8 IP Allocation
    • check APC remote reboot PDU
    • check Free Basic remote hands
    • check 1 20 amp circuit (additional circuits available)

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Chicago Colocation Data Center

Located in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, GigeNET’s secure colocation facility was designed and constructed to provide the power, cooling, and bandwidth infrastructure for your hosting requirements.

The proximity to Chicago’s global financial institutions, combined with our direct fiber connections makes our datacenter ideal for any colocation need. Through the use of thermal imaging technology and heat dissipation simulations, re-routing airflow to maximize cooling efficiency, as well as distributing power hungry equipment to balance the “cooling load”, GigeNET is capable of fulfilling your Chicago Colocation Hosting needs.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Chicago offers customized solutions to fit your business needs. Choose from full, half, quarter cabinets or single server. Each package is powered by our premium network, backed by our 100% uptime SLA, and supported round the clock by a fully staffed team of our leading certified technicians.

If you’re looking for cheap server space, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at GigeNET, we offer a range of affordable colocation server options, providing your firm with the data resource it needs to perform a variety of tasks.

Managing servers in-house in something that you can do without. Maintaining and operating servers is an expensive task. Not only do you have to buy the hardware itself and pay for ongoing cooling, but you also have to hire people who understand how the servers work. It’s not cheap, and it’s certainly not easy.

With GigeNET as your colocation hosting company, you can avoid all of those expenses and go directly to an expert provider. We take care of all of the security matters from our central location, providing you with cheap server access that is both scalable and affordable.

As a cheap server provider, we know that companies need to be able to adjust how much server space they use regularly. With us, you can change how much you pay based on your usage: no more high fixed fees. What’s more, our technology guarantees industry-leading uptime. We regularly adjust our cooling systems to ensure consistent performance and run simulations that maximize cooling efficiency, bringing energy costs down.

Finally, we believe that our offerings should be customized to your business. That’s why we offer full, half and all the way down to a single server solutions. You can buy as much or as little space you need, all with 100 percent uptime guaranteed in our service level agreement. Not many server providers can say that.

GigeNET's Chicago Colocation Provides

Cheap Colocation Hosting

  • check Dual Mitsubishi 9800 Series UPS power
  • check 2,000 gallon diesel generator
  • check Industry proven 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • check 24/7 Staff – GigeNET support provides exceptional remote hands

Power Density

  • check Uniquely engineered overhead cooling system
  • check Cold aisle containment
  • check Ability to consistently provide cooling for today’s power requirements

VESDA Smoke Detection

  • check Pre-action dual interlocked suppression systems that will activate when both heat and smoke detection are concurrent preventing accidental discharge
  • check Two-stage dry pipe suppression system with localized distribution