Partner with GigeNET and Bring Your Costs Down

GigeNET’s Hosting Reseller Partner Program was developed to provide access to discounted services, premium support, and sales & marketing tools for businesses that wish to offer services to their clients directly without all of the infrastructure and operating costs involved with operating their own datacenter.

Reseller Pricing

One of the key benefits of being a Preferred Service Partner is receiving access to heavily discounted pricing on GigeNET’s services. In addition to getting free setup on everything, resellers obtain monthly recurring discounts of up to 20% off the retail website pricing. On top of that, GigeNET sends out specific, re-seller only deals that you can promote on your website or to your clients as a special offer, ideal for keeping your offers “fresh” and promoting sales.
Server Amount
Discount Level
5-10 Servers
11-20 Servers
21-40 Servers
41+ Servers

Requirements to Join

  • Provide verifiable business contact information and websites.
  • Provide first level technical support to your clients.
  • Provide billing and accounting to your clients.
  • Responsible receiving and resolving all abuse complaints.
  • Must be a current GigeNET customer with at least 5 servers
        at regular price.

How to Join

If you meet the criteria to apply, please speak with our Sales team. They will walk you through all the steps needed to ensure that you qualify, and send you more of the documentation for applying. Once you are accepted into GigeNET’s Reseller Program, we will schedule a kick off meeting to introduce you to your dedicated account specialist, one of our support team, and get you acquainted with all of our servers and provide you with media on how to sell hosting products. To begin, click the button below.

Part of YOUR Team

As a Preferred Service Partner, you will be provided with all of the tools you need to succeed in selling our products. Whether you need help writing a proposal or custom quote for your client, or need a technical engineer from our team to represent you in a meeting with your client to help you close the deal, GigeNET is here to help. The best parts:

Assigned Account Specialists

Your designated account specialist will be available to assist with explaining servers and offers, creating proposals for your clients and pointing you in the right direction should you ever get lost.

Premium Support

Initial Level 1 support is provided by you to your customers, but anything beyond simple support you can submit to us directly and it will automatically receive “Critical” status.

Reseller Specific Offers

Get advanced notice when we offer new products and services, special offers and pricing, and limited time offers that the average consumer won’t have access to. Don’t forget up to 20% off of our normal prices!