Protect your dedicated server(s) from DDoS without moving to a new host.

Did you know DDoS attacks aimed at shutting down websites have replaced property theft as the costliest computer crime? Place your website behind our ProxyShield® mitigation system, and effectively put a stop to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks which may otherwise cause extended periods of downtime for you and your customers.

Instead of null routing, our Proxyshield® DDoS Protection filters out all bad traffic, and only allows legitimate traffic pass through to your site. We accomplish this by providing an IP Address to point your DNS to, or if you do not have the ability to change your DNS settings, we can host your site for you! This protects you from costly downtime while your site is being DDoS attacked, and allows your site to continue functioning!

Our Proxyshield is tailored to suit the needs of our individual customers, and pricing varies depending on the needs and size of attacks that are being received. To determine if you need this service, please talk with one of our knowledgeable sales staff, who are the ultimate authority on DDoS attacks and our protection packages.

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No Contracts

Sign up whenever you want, and cancel whenever you want. We don’t require you to commit to us for any amount of time.

No Hardware Investment

We will issue an IP Address to point your DNS to. If you are not in control of your website’s DNS records, we can host it for you.

Fast & Smooth Setup

You don’t need to change hosting. Just configure your name servers so your site traffic passes through our ProxyShield™ first.

24x7x365 Support

Our DDOS specialist team is committed to protecting you and your business. They’re on call to help you whenever an attack starts, and will stay in contact with you until it’s stopped.

More About Our EPIC Support

Clean, Legitimate Traffic

We don’t stop an attack by blocking all incoming traffic. We filter out all of the bad traffic, and let the good traffic through.

Are you under attack right now?

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