System Monitoring

EagleEye Monitoring Service

GigeNET’s EagleEye Monitoring is a self-managed monitoring solution for your personal and business use.

A self-managed monitoring service provides our clients with a new level of customizations that tailors to each client’s individual needs. EagleEye is able to provide our clients with dozens of different checks and notifications via e-mail, text messaging, and Slack.

EagleEye is also rigorously capable of transporting millions of different metrics into our Elasticsearch Clusters. With the metrics we collect we are able to build an insightful, and interactive dashboard for each unique system.

GigeNET’s monitoring service is also able to provide NOC Response for every unique system. GigeNET receives every alert within our ticketing system, and our professional support team will take action. EagleEye, a monitoring service that provides you with total control over your personal monitoring needs.

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  • Secure Trusted Agent

    GigeNET uses an industry trusted agent ‘NRPE’ for its checks. The NRPE configuration is completely locked down to our control servers.

  • 24x7x365 NOC Monitoring

    GigeNET’s support team is able to provide 24×7 coverage for every system. When our team receives a notification that is problematic, you can count on GigeNET to take action.

  • System Health

    EagleEye is able to provide metrics with include CPU, Load, Disk, Network Usage and more.

  • Client Portal

    Complete control over your services within our client portal. Able to customize checks, notifications, and set actions such as setting monitoring “downtime”.