Cheap Comes at a Price

What’s doesn’t your cloud provider want you to see?

Is your cloud provider hiding behind a suspiciously low ticket price? What don’t they want you to see? Drastically low prices upfront mean drastically large cuts behind the scenes. Absent support leaving tickets open for weeks, hours upon hours of downtime, and pricey scalability issues leave you with empty pockets, wasted time, and a huge headache. Providers are in a rush to tell you what they offer, but what would the conversation be if they told you what they had to eliminate to justify the cheaper cost?

Fastest Route Optimization

Our network is prized in industries that require breakneck speeds

Complete Control

We offer comprehensive control of your systems via our client portal.

Highest Customer Retention

We retain more than 99% of our customers year after year!

Overachieving Support Techs

Our tech support claim the highest scores on every certification exam.

Defeat data migration stress.

True 24/7 on-site engineers.

When we say we have on-site, round the clock technicians. We mean it.

Our customers are across the states and around the globe. If you have a question or concern about your critical data, you need it fixed now. Our entire technical support staff operates on-site, in the facility that your servers are located, 24 hours per day. When you call, you’ll speak to a live engineer who will take care of your concerns immediately so that you you can get right back to growing your business. Say hello.

Stop waiting on support.

We’re waiting on you.

Your data is critical to your business which makes it critical to us. That’s why we have real, live humans ready to resolve your concerns immediately. And not just any humans, a whole bunch of overachievers. Our Support Techs consistently score the highest on certification exams like Microsoft, Cisco, and Linux. No long hold times. And the technician you speak with will understand your environment. We will be with you each step of the way, from planning your initial deployment, to resolving issues, expanding, maintaining your systems, and everything in between.

Free migrations.

It’s no surprise that data migration is the number one prohibitor to moving to the cloud or switching providers. We get it. Your team is busy running your business. Between juggling core business functions and multiple projects at once, there’s no time to add on the workload of migrating your data. Don’t let migration be a barrier that traps you into staying with a provider who’s costing you more than you bargained for. Leave the migraine and let us handle the migration. Leave the migraine and let us handle the migration.

3 month backup trial

Your data is important to you and keeping your data safe is important to us. Not only will we give you a three month trial we will set it up for you too. Ready to migrate?