Dedicated Servers Under Your Full Control

Our Server Monitoring Services gives you control of what yours.

Complex systems come with a load of complex problems. More often than not, the big guy’s fancy portal leaves you with a panel of empty promises and blocks you out of what matters most: control. At GigeNET, we keep it simple. One portal where you can have access to what’s yours. No restricting you from root access. No hindering you from controlling ports. No hopping from portal to portal. Choose from a la carte management options, customize notifications, and set actions like monitoring services, with one login for one easy-to-use all access panel. Because your data is yours and managing your servers should be easy and efficient. Don’t be blocked out with a read-only view of your own systems.

Overachieving Support Techs

Our tech support claim the highest scores on every certification exam.

Fastest Route Optimization

Our network is prized in industries that require breakneck speeds

Complete Control

We offer comprehensive control of your systems via our client portal.

Highest Customer Retention

We retain more than 99% of our customers year after year!

Each product is 100% customer-driven.

Need proof?

For two decades, our business has been focused on innovation centered around addressing the evolving needs of current and future customers. We’ve committed to our customers that each and every one of our products and features would be designed with them in mind. Our control panel you to choose what to monitor and access or you can elect to have our team of certified technicians manage your systems. Our ProxyShield and Automated DDoS Protection were both developed to mitigate attacks that far exceeded our bandwidth. We developed a network that dynamically avoids speed issues to meet the needs of our game and VPN host customers who needed more speed and less latency. The GigeNET of today continues to design advanced solutions for our customers, resulting in the highest customer retention rate in the industry. What can we design for you?

Forget time zones. We’re here around the clock.

Our customers are across the states and around the globe. If you have a question or concern about your critical data, you need it fixed now. Our entire technical support staff operates on-site, in the same facilities that your servers are located, 24 hours per day. When you call, you’ll speak to a live engineer who will take care if your concerns immediately so that you you can get right back to growing your business. Find the datacenter to fit your needs.