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Custom Cloud Solutions

Whether you are unsure of what you are looking for or have a full understanding of your internal systems, our certified solution architects can build a solution custom tailored to your needs. We will build out a complete system based on your workloads and expectations.

Fill out the form below and a solution architect will contact you to further discuss your needs. Together we’ll analyze your current systems and create a custom solution for your cloud needs.

Sometimes off-the-shelf solutions won’t do: your business needs custom dedicated servers to meet its IT objectives. With custom cloud servers, you can tailor your service requirements to your business, getting the bandwidth and storage you need for your operations in real time.

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A high-performance cloud server allows you to adjust your usage requirements while providing exceptional performance to customers and colleagues alike. Custom cloud servers help your business achieve its strategic objectives by ensuring that its IT can keep pace with other operational requirements.

Shared cloud hosting on custom cloud servers helps to bring down the cost of bespoke services. Ideal for organizations working with tight budgets, shared custom cloud servers provide you with all the tools you need while slashing fees. You share the cost with other organizations.

A cloud dedicated server eliminates the problem of running custom dedicated servers in-house while at the same time offering exceptional performance. Custom hybrid clouds allow you to maintain critical resources in your organization while farming out select tasks to GigeNET. In short, custom cloud servers give you a fabulous range of options that allow your business to thrive.

Getting custom dedicated servers with us is easy. A certified solutions architect will work with you to discover your precise needs and then make recommendations based on the findings. You’ll get a complete solution, end-to-end that is secure and protects you against DDoS and other attacks. Your system will be built around your expected workloads and the type of tasks that you expect to carry out.

Custom Solution

Our Commitment to You

GigeNET boasts one of the lowest customer turnover rates in the industry. Many of our customers have stayed with us longer than most of our competitors have been in business.

It is GigeNET’s policy to build the system right from the start. By building the system properly, we eliminate a lot of the conflict found with hosted IT. It also greatly reduces our support staff’s workload. How well do we design our systems? Our support runs at 20% capacity. To fill that other 80% of the work day we have them train and pick up certifications. Our support techs have the time and knowledge to solve your toughest problems.

Our solution architects audit your infrastructure and optimization points you may have missed or haven’t had time to find. Optimizations are based on workload size, workload type, anticipated growth, and life cycle best practices.