Celebrate Sysadmin Day!

Not all heroes wear capes.

But sometimes our Sysadmins do for fun.

Sysadmins certainly have their work cut out for them. They’re tasked with the mega-mission of keeping systems up and running all the time.

That alone is deserving of their very own day. And a cape. And cake.

sysadmin day hero

Celebrate Sysadmins with Us

sysadmin day

Meet Jenn.

Jenn is a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years of experience with both startups and Silicon Valley Giants.

Currently, Jennifer heads GigeNET’s sysadmin department and is instrumental in providing customers proactive service.

She’s seen the IT industry evolve and explains what it takes to lead a top performing team.

What does she look for when hiring sysadmins? Problem solving.

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sysadmin day

Meet Kirk.

Sysadmin expert by day. Network guru and gamer by night.

And master of the workstation set up.

As a veteran sysadmin, he’s seen it all and gladly shares his insights with our sysadmins in training. On off hours, he runs multiple servers and a multi-homed VPN network and still finds time to Twitch stream.

His advice to sysadmins? Break everything.

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Our sysadmins love showing off their smarts.

Our sysadmins eat, breathe, and sleep in the latest technologies.

Lucky for you, they love to share.

Here are some of our favorite sysadmin blogs.

Getting started as a sysadmin?

To honor Sysadmin Day, we have a present for you!

Non-sysadmins need not apply. You have your own celebratory days.

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