GigeNET Announces New Cluster Hosting Solutions
August 29, 2013
GigeNET’s Cluster Solutions offer expert setup and easy administration with InterWorx’s Cluster Panel. GigeNET, a leading provider of full service hosting solutions, is excited to announce their new Cluster Hosting packages that can easily be managed and maintained with InterWorx’s Cluster Panel and their epic support. Clustered hosting offers many benefits including scalability, agility and […]
The Server Market: Shifting sands
August 2, 2013
TO MOST people, a computer is a device with a screen and a keyboard, sitting on their desk or on their lap. More and more of them have tablets and they may recognise their mobile phones as powerful computers too—for that is what they have become. But a lot of the world’s computing power is […]
Cloud Data Sharing and Cloud Storage
April 8, 2011
Data Sharing and Storage – Cloud Providers vs. The Big Companies Innovations in IT computing has resulted in cloud host providers offering improved computing performance, reduced data storage costs, improved online storage, and improved bandwidth. Companies such as Google and Amazon are constantly making upgrades that improve such technological applications and programs that include improved […]
2011 Server Storage Technology Trends
February 8, 2011
A storage server is valuable for a workgroup environment where there are multiple users requiring shared data across a server network. Since the storage is centralized, it facilitates backup of data. Today, when it comes to the agility, ease of use, integration, and performance of server storage technology there are a number of forecasted trends […]
SMEs Lacking Offsite Backup
February 1, 2011
Many SMEs Lacking Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy In spite of a surge in the adoption of the Cloud, a recent survey has revealed that many SMEs are lacking offsite backup and a disaster recovery strategy. In a survey of 3000 SMEs conducted by the disaster recovery company Acronis, it was revealed that over […]
R1Soft CDP Backup Solutions
December 31, 2010
R1Soft CDP Backup The most vital resource in the data centre is data storage performance. The R1Soft CDP backup solution is a server software application that enables disaster recovery and disk-based data protection for workstations and servers running Linux operating systems and Microsoft Windows. CDP Server protects disk volume data using synchronization and replication across […]
Dedicated Server Storage
December 30, 2010
Dedicated Server Storage Storage space refers to the amount of space on a web server. The storage space is allocated by hosting companies to their clients. Storage space consists of the total amount of all databases, text files, emails, images, scripts, and other files associated with the customer’s website. It is essential to have backup […]
December 30, 2010
iSCSI SAN Data storage service providers are focused on choosing the best storage technologies to meet their customers’ increasing data storage requirements. They also work to ensure properly deployed and supported tools for their client’s data storage needs.  iSCSI SANs are efficient storage area networks due to their efficient storage technology that will meet just […]
Choosing the Right Data Center
December 29, 2010
Choosing the Right Data Center Acquiring, analyzing, and storing data is such an essential part of business operations, it is vital that a business maintains their data in a safe and secure place. Today, Data Centers have become an important resource in helping a business safeguard their data. A data center is the place where […]