Cloud Vs Dedicated: Which is better hosting for a startup?
June 7, 2016
Cloud Vs Dedicated: Which is better hosting for a startup? Most of the time when hosting providers refers to Cloud hosting, they tend to leave out the fact that Cloud is primarily built on hardware-based dedicated server(s) infrastructure. The strength and resiliency of your cloud infrastructure depends on its underlying core hardware and the network […]
Key cloud computing trends and enterprise security
September 7, 2013
Dan C. Marinescu is the author of Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice. He was a Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana from 1984 till 2001 when he joined the Computer Science Department at the University of Central Florida. In this interview, Marinescu outlines a variety of interesting facts about cloud […]
Cloud Computing Market Revenue to Approach $20 Billion by End of 2016 According to New 451 Research Study
September 6, 2013
Demand for Public Cloud Computing Services Remains Strong, but Adoption Hurdles Persist NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Market Monitor, a service of 451 Research, projects that Cloud market revenue will increase at a 36% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), putting the cloud computing market just shy of $20 billion at the end of […]
September 3, 2013
Computer clouds have been credited with making the workplace more efficient and giving consumers anytime-anywhere access to emails, photos, documents and music as well as helping companies crunch through masses of data to gain business intelligence. Now it looks like the cloud might help cure cancer too. The National Cancer Institute plans to sponsor three […]
Are You Up in the Air with Cloud Computing Benefits?
August 10, 2013
Alan McMahon works for Dell in enterprise solution design, across a range for products from servers, storage to virtualization, and is based in Ireland. Cloud computing is used in many different ways these days, but not everyone is completely on board the cloud train quite yet. For those holdouts who just aren’t sure whether or […]
Companies Still Fear Cloud Computing, Survey Finds
July 29, 2013
Many companies still fear adopting cloud computing, but security is no longer the big reason. So says a survey set to be released Tuesday, which found that companies are concerned about the potential for operational failures and other glitches in cloud-based computing, a fast-growing system in which users store their apps and data on servers […]
Cheap VPS Hosting
April 19, 2011
A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can also be called a VDS or virtual dedicated server because you are getting a similar type of hosting as a dedicated server but it is cheaper. Many small and medium businesses are selecting VPS because they benefit from having a more private type of server than with shared hosting. […]
Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Servers
December 28, 2010
Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Servers When looking to acquire a server to host their e-commerce site, many people will find themselves deciding between a dedicated server or cloud server. Before making a decision, it is important to understand the differences between the two systems so you will know that you are making the best decision […]
Dedicated Cloud Servers
December 27, 2010
Cloud Servers Virtualized servers called Cloud Servers are run on Linux or Windows operating systems that are instantiated through an API or web interface. They allow users to deploy one to hundreds of cloud servers instantly and create advanced architectures. Cloud servers function like physical servers, however, they differ in how they acquire their resources. […]