Technical Debt Can Limit Scalability
July 15, 2013
About Graeme Caldwell — Graeme works as an inbound marketer for InterWorx, a revolutionary web hosting control panel for hosts who need scalability and reliability. Follow InterWorx on Twitter at @interworx, Like them on Facebook and check out their blog, If we accept that all businesses, when creating an infrastructure to support their online […]
A Guide to Hybrid Hosting
June 2, 2011
Hybrid hosting consists of a combination of dedicated, colocation, and cloud servers that are delivered through a private dedicated network. When choosing hybrid hosting, users have the ability to have standalone components run on a segment of a whole network or run independently. The benefit to the user is there is greatly boosted computing power […]
Gartner IAM Summit Securing Cloud Based Data
April 6, 2011
For the majority of businesses, if asked about their main concern about hosting a website, they will answer security is a major concern as they want a reliable host that will ensure their data is safe and secure. Today, internet computing experts across the globe are working to make the cloud the securest technology available […]