GigeNET’s Everlasting Affiliate Program.

Get 10% Commission on every payment from your referrals FOR LIFE!

GigeNET’s competitive affiliate program allows you to make a sufficient profit off referrals. Most affiliate programs offer a 1 time commission payout but GigeNET gives you the ability to collect 10 percent of every payment for the life of the customer! GigeNET gives you all the marketing materials you need to send traffic to GigeNET and receive 10% commission for the life of the customer! Coupled with GigeNET’s competitive pricing, the affiliate program is a sure revenue generator! Thats something to get excited about! Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete so sign up today and if you have any questions please email us

How the Affiliate Program Works

When you join the Gigenet affiliate program you will gain access to a number of advertising and marketing materials including banner ads, text ads, and a direct link specific to your affiliate ID.

You have the flexibility to choose how to advertise GigeNET’s products and services to your website visitors. When they come to one of GigeNET’s websites through those ads, their browser will store a tracking cookie.

When the customer completes a purchase of one of GigeNET’s many products you will receive a commission for the referral. You will be paid 10% FOR LIFE of every referral you send to GigeNET as long as you remain an active affiliate. GigeNET automatically keeps track of your conversions and how much money you are elgible to receive at any given time and this can be easily seen in your Affiliate Portal or by request.

If you would like to refer anyone to GigeNET please simply send their information to and a representative will ensure you get credit once the sale is complete.

Key Program Benefits

Program Details:
  • Affiliate Control Panel makes becoming an affiliate EASY.
  • Marketing materials are provided by GigeNET and we can     accommodate custom materials on request.
  • Commissions are held for at least 60-days after the payment
        is received to prevent fraud.
  • Affiliate must have a minimum of $60.00 in their account each
        time a payout is scheduled.
  • You will receive 10% of EVERY payment made by the referral as
        long as you are an active Affiliate.
  • GigeNET’s competitive pricing and solid reputation gives your
        referrals a great chance of converting.
  • Payouts are done on the 15th of every month via Paypal, Check,
        or Account Credit.