GigeNET offers three distinctive and lucrative Partner Programs, catering to individuals, re-sellers, and commercial developers alike. When you partner with GigeNET, you become part of our team, while still being able to rely on our EPIC Support, dedicated Sales team, and all the other perks of being a GigeNET client.


Affiliate Program

Affiliate Partner Program

Reseller Partner Program

Re-seller Partner Program

Channel Partner Program

Channel Partner Program

GigeNET’s competitive affiliate program allows you to make a sufficient profit off referrals. Most affiliate programs offer a 1 time commission payout but GigeNET gives you the ability to collect 10 percent of every payment for the life of the customer! GigeNET gives you all the marketing materials you need to send traffic to GigeNET and receive 10% commission for the life of the customer! Coupled with GigeNET’s competitive pricing, the affiliate program is a sure revenue generator!
GigeNET’s Reseller Partner program is designed for hosting providers that wish to use GigeNET’s services to re-package and resell to end users. These partners receive tiered discounts based on overall purchase volume, growth rate, and support requirements. With a dedicated Sales representative and account manager, special re-seller only deals, and access to marketing and sales materials, you’ll know you can depend on GigeNET.
GigeNET’s Channel Partner program is designed for developers who are looking to give their clients the edge when it comes to hosting. We will set you up with one of our Sales team and Engineers to put together the idea solution for client. Once the client is set up, we cover all of the service and support of their servers, and you do not have to worry one bit! On top of that, you earn a 10% commission for the lifetime of the clients account!


  • You will receive 10% of EVERY payment made by the referral as long as you are an active affiliate.
  • Payouts are done on the 15th of every month via PayPal or check.
  • Marketing materials are provided by GigeNET and we can accommodate custom materials on request.
  • Initial commissions are held for 60 days after the payment is received to prevent fraud.
  • Affiliate must have a minimum of $30 in their account each time a payout is scheduled.
  • GigeNET is completely transparent.
  • You provide Level 1 & 2 support to your clients.
  • Receive discounts up to 30% on your recurring costs.
  • Dedicated account manager to assist you with training, pricing, & selling.
  • Weekly deals that only re-sellers can take advantage of.
  • Default support ticket escalation – receive premium support.
  • GigeNET is completely transparent.
  • Earn a 10% commission for the life of your client’s account.
  • Keep track of your earnings and upcoming payments in our custom admin panel.
  • Use our Epic Support and Engineers to make sure your client’s questions are answered.
  • Default support ticket escalation – receive premium support.


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