Best in the Business Equipment and Staff


Multi-homed redundant fiber connections and peering with Tier-1 providers ensure you’re always connected and that your data takes the quickest, most efficient routes for optimal transfer speeds. Maintenance and support contracts with all of our vendors, along with third party consultants, ensure constant uptime and availability.
Network 1
Network 2
Network 3
Network 4


Uninterrupted power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable provide constant power to your hardware. Our Mitsubishi UPS battery system takes over instantly while our diesel generator starts up.
Power 1
Power 2
Power 3
Power 4

Fire Suppression

VESDA smoke detection, double-action dry pipe fire suppression modules prevent emergencies before they start.
Fire Suppression 1
Fire Suppression 2
Fire Suppression 3
Fire Suppression 4


Leibert HVAC redundant architecture with overhead air distribution makes sure that your equipment is always operating at optimum temperatures.
Cooling 1
Cooling 2
Cooling 3
Cooling 4


Multi-layer security control procedures, staffed 24/7, proximity card readers, and IP video monitoring ensure that your hardware is never tampered with. Public access is not available unless personally escorted by Gigenet staff or authorized ISP’s.
Security 1
Security 2
Security 3