Title : Network Engineer
Reports to : VP of Operations
Location : Arlington Heights, IL


  • Salaried Position
  • Comprehensive benefits including medical, life, dental, vision, 401(k) and Paid Time Off.

Description of Duties

Network Engineers have a well-rounded understanding of switching, routing, and security. They have been successful at operating and troubleshooting large networks in the past and have a deep understanding of how traffic flows across a network. They have a boundless desire to learn, are self-managed, not afraid to ask questions, resourceful, able to take direction, and have an impeccable work ethic.

Network Engineers are expected to be able to obtain data regarding faults in the network infrastructure, analyze and react accordingly to the issues at hand. Being able to work diligently and efficiently is a must.

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain network to prevent possible outages.
  • Move to quickly isolate any rogue/suspicious activity on network.
  • Troubleshooting specific issues in relation to the network.
  • Comfortable with Cisco and Juniper technologies.
  • Maintain BGP and OSPF routing across the network.
  • Deploy various security appliances at various end-points.
  • Perform analytics on traffic patterns to identify network attacks.


  • CCNA/CCNP or equivalent certifications.

General Network Skills

  • Comprehensive understanding of the TCP/IP stack.
  • Highly proficient in troubleshooting abilities.
  • 5 years hands on experience in a similar environment.
  • Understanding of SNMP, SSH, ICMP, NTP, TACACS+ and RADIUS.
  • Troubleshooting connectivity with Windows and Linux servers.
  • Affluent in iOS commands as well as NX-OS.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 understanding is a must.
  • Ability to identify and explain each level of the OSI Model.

Security Skills

  • Knowledge in ACLs and appropriate deployment of ACLs.
  • IPSEC Site-to-Site VPN tunnels.
  • History of interaction with NAT policies.
  • Basic knowledge of present day threats, vulnerabilities and attack methods.

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